Commitment to Giving

One of the core values of Ounce of Salt is to inspire through giving.

Through her blog readership and sponsors, Ounce of Salt raises money for special projects to help families in impoverished 3rd world countries.

In 2017, Ounce of Salt raised $23,000 for a 5-year porridge lunch program to feed a school of 500 hungry students in Kenya. The program has increased school attendance as for many of them, it’s their only chance for a meal.

In 2018, Ounce of Salt raised $7,000 through company sponsors to build a home in Kenya for an impoverished family with 4 kids.

In the fall of 2018, Ounce of Salt raised almost $17,000 for a clean water project in Nepal to distribute water filters to communities without access to clean water.

Our goal at Ounce of Salt with regard to charity is to give voices and empowerment to people who otherwise have none. For more information on our charity work, visit the Giving Section of our blog.

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