The Brand

When it comes to the convenience of online purchasing, the fine jewelry world is lagging behind nearly every other industry. My goal for OSJ is to provide my clients with more trust, quality, and efficiency than they will find anywhere else in the market. 

I am a 3rd generation Jeweler. My father and grandfather had their careers in the industry in South Korea. Before following their footsteps in the US, I noticed the fine jewelry shopping experience could be difficult and frustrating! At times, it even felt intentionally shady. 

As someone who understands quality, I wanted the best. But even while shopping in the jewelry districts of New York and Los Angeles, it was hard to find.  I came to realize that sourcing the very best in jewelry depends on having the right relationships. So, using my financial and business audit background, I did my research, shook a lot of hands, and eventually formed the network that opened doors to discovering the very best quality in every area; workmanship for custom work, diamond and gemstone suppliers, as well as imported fashion pieces.

My frustrating experience was not unique. If you find the world of fine jewelry confusing and intimidating, you’re not alone!  

I’ve created OSJ to provide a way to cut through the shade of the jewelry industry to deliver total confidence. My clients can relax and enjoy the shopping experience, knowing that they’re getting the ultimate in quality and value. 

As a wife, mother, best friend, and daughter, I know what a beautiful legacy jewelry can be. I aim to offer the same guidance, service, and love that I want for the people I care about most. 

I’m excited to offer you free shipping and free 30-day returns. You can shop with confidence that through Ounce of Salt, you’re receiving the most exquisite, quality pieces to last a lifetime. And if you’d like to order a custom piece, I’d be thrilled to help you.  Just email me and let’s get you the jewelry you’ve been dreaming about!

I’m honored to have you here.

No Shade. Only Sparkle.