Salt:  “that which gives liveliness, freshness, or piquancy to a person’s character, life, etc.”  Oxford English Dictionary 

My name is Jen Oliak and I’m a lifestyle blogger in Manhattan Beach, California who focuses on inspired living. As a wife and mother in my 40’s, I’m trying to “flavor my life.”

My grandfather and dad were both jewelers. We owned a jewelry store before moving to the US when I was six years old.

When I was little, I would spend hours in my mom’s jewelry box trying on every piece, taking it off, then putting it back on. My mom was in gemology school while she was pregnant with me and tells me this is the reason I am obsessed with diamonds!

As an adult, I’ve always been the go-to friend for advice on jewelry. Many boyfriends and husbands have wisely enlisted my help! Engagement rings, necklaces, earrings… you name it. When it had to do with gold or platinum and diamonds, I was there.

When I decided to add a shop linked with my blog, what better fit for me than jewelry?

Each piece on my site has been chosen with love and care. I picked jewelry with the sophisticated woman in mind. I believe we can wear timeless 14k and diamond jewelry that is affordable yet exudes class and style.

Whether we are working out, volunteering at our kids’ school or going out for a fun evening, these pieces fit every occasion.

Layering these necklaces creates beautiful looks, but they are just as dazzling on their own. They make great group gifts, a splurge for yourself or someone you love, or something to add to your wish list!

I’m excited to offer you guaranteed lowest pricing, free shipping and a 30 day return policy. When I shop, I like to have the peace of mind that I’ll receive the best value for quality products so I’d like to provide the same for you. Happy shopping!

Flavor your Life with an Ounce of Salt. Jewelry for the casual, sophisticated woman.

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