I Paid Double What You’ll Pay For Fine Jewelry

Paid Double

I Paid Double What You’ll Pay For Fine Jewelry

I paid double what you’ll pay if you shop at Ounce of Salt Jewelry.  Let me show you some examples of my past purchases of fine jewelry where I paid full retail. 

Before I do that, I want to explain…when I shop for clothes, I generally like to buy sale items of high-quality. The bargain shopper in me finds it hard to pay full price on designer shoes or clothes unless it’s a special occasion like my birthday.

But when it comes to fine jewelry that’s meant to last forever, quality is my number one priority. Coming from a line of jewelers, I know how important it is for jewelry to have good materials and workmanship.

In my younger years when I shopped at the jewelry district, I didn’t have trusted referrals and was overwhelmed with all the choices. There are literally thousands of wholesalers within a few blocks. I picked the wrong vendor to buy from once, and after that headache experience of having my diamond set crooked on a ring, I didn’t bother going back to the jewelry district for several years.

During that period, I purchased from retail jewelry stores and paid top dollar.

Eventually, I learned about the quality wholesale jewelers. Some turned out to do work for the retailers from where I purchased!

Having an online jewelry shop now, I’ve learned how to source the best quality jewelry, stones, and workmanship.

With this knowledge, I can’t help but share with you the apples-to-apples comparison of buying retail (at a jeweler or department store) vs. buying wholesale-to-consumer for the exact same pieces. It will make your jaw drop!

But you need to know where to go. And I’m here to tell you that I’m your woman!

I paid double what you’ll pay – here are some examples

Double Halo Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold

Paid Double

There are two halos of diamonds outlining this 1.5-carat (F color SI1 clarity) center diamond. The diamonds around the center stone are smaller than the outer halo. I love how the center stone halo is subtle but makes the diamond look larger.

  • I paid $3000 for this necklace (without the center stone). 
  • Price with Ounce of Salt Jewelry would be $1800 for the same piece (workmanship, quality, materials).

Sidenote: Info about center stone diamonds is a whole other blog post, but I offer certified diamonds at wholesale-to-consumer pricing too (better than the large online diamond sites)!

Halo Diamond Stud Earrings in 18k Gold

Paid Double diamond earrings with halo

I admired my friend’s earrings for years and then finally got the same halo setting for my diamond studs. I love this setting for its everyday wearability. It puts a contemporary spin on the standard classic diamond look.

  • Priced at Retail (not including center stones) $2500
  • Price with Ounce of Salt Jewelry would be $1700 for the same piece (workmanship, quality, materials).

Diamond Eternity Bracelet 3 carats

diamond eternity bracelet bangle and other bangles on arm Paid Double

  • 3-carat eternity diamond bangle in pavé U-prong setting on 14k white gold, currently offered at a retail store for $6700
  • Price with Ounce of Salt Jewelry for the same exact pavé U-prong set bangle $3800

A pavé U-prong setting allows more light to shine through the diamonds, therefore making the piece more sparkly. However, this setting also makes the piece more delicate as there isn’t as much metal covering the stones. Good workmanship is very important here. Otherwise, the diamonds are more likely to loosen and fall out.

half eternity diamond bracelethalf eternity diamond bracelet

I love this half eternity diamond bangle  (sold out) above, with .7 carats and 14k yellow, white or rose gold and the price is awesome at $890. The way these diamonds are set makes them look pretty similar, especially when worn with other bracelets. This is a GREAT value.

French Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

eternity diamond band french pave eternity diamond band french pave with engagement ring

  • I paid over $3000 retail for this french pavé eternity round diamond band in platinum
  • Price with Ounce of Salt Jewelry for the same exact band (style, 1-carat diamonds, weight) $1800

A French pavé setting has a “W” shaped prong setting (vs U above) and gives a continuous “paved” look with more sparkle than the typical common prong setting. (I’ll have to do a future blog post explaining all the differences of how diamonds can be set.)


Isn’t the price difference huge? When you think about it, it makes sense as the retailers are likely paying high amounts of rent, paying for employees and holding a large investment in inventory. But when the difference in mark-up is this substantial, it’s hard not to feel like you’re overpaying when you buy retail.

Efficiency. That’s what I’m after from the jewelry industry for YOU.

If you’re interested in my concierge services, just fill out the form on the page and let me know what you’re looking for. And if you want to browse our inventory, visit Ounce of Salt Jewelry to check out the latest selection!

Straightforward. Transparent. Trustworthy.

Happy Shopping!

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Flavor Your Life with an Ounce of Salt. 

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