Floating Diamond Eternity Band

floating diamond eternity band

Floating diamond eternity band. Do you know what they are? The term “floating” when describing a Diamond setting means the Diamond is meant to look like it is suspended in air. 

floating diamond eternity bandIn rings, a floating look is made by setting diamonds in a way so very little metal is shown around the diamonds.

For people who want to maximize their diamonds’ sparkle and stones’ high quality characteristics, it’s a perfect choice setting for a ring.

I prefer to use F color, VS clarity diamonds with excellent cuts to show off the optimally shaped, white and bright of each stone.

I had seen “floating bands” online with single prongs and loved the look of the rings from the face/top of the rings, but I noticed the side profile and bottom part of the rings had metal covering most of the diamond. The settings from the sides and bottom had almost a bezel style, where the portion of the diamond below its face were almost completely covered.

Floating Diamond Eternity Band
This floating ring is beautiful but the sides are completely covered.

When metal covers the sides of the stones, it’s harder for light to pass through the diamonds, limiting its sparkle.

I wanted my Floating Diamond Eternity Band to have the floating look from the top without covering so much of the rest of the diamond.

After many iterations, I came up with a setting that would have enough metal to protect the Diamond without a bezel setting, Using a basket opening, light can still pass through the diamonds from the side.

floating diamond eternity band
Computer Assisted Design Rendering (ignore prongs which would be shaved down during setting)

With a ring where most of the stones are visible, it is important for the diamonds to be calibrated to fit the setting perfectly.

This floating ring is a harder one to set than a bezel or shared prong setting, but I believe it features brilliant round diamonds the best way when they are of high quality. More than half the diamond is exposed on the top, each diamond is featured, with just a single prong between the diamonds, and the sides have an opening for light to pass through in order to fully show off the diamond’s sparkle.

Floating Diamond Eternity Band

On the top of the Diamond, prongs must be thick enough to hold the Diamond in place. I prefer classic round prongs vs square or rectangular shaped prongs for this setting. It has the cleanest look and stays true to a more timeless finish.   

Whether half, 3/4 diamonds, or a full eternity band, a floating Diamond ring setting is a spectacular compliment to a solitaire engagement ring or as a milestone right hand ring to wear everyday.

As for stone size, prices jump when increasing from .20 carats each stone to  .25 and then to .30.

.20 carats each diamond, full eternity band

Depending on your budget, if larger stones are your preference. Consider investing in the size and quality for a half or 3/4 around band  vs a full eternity band. The diamonds will cover the full top half of your finger and give the look of a full eternity ring unless people are looking at the palm of your hand.

Floating Diamond Eternity BandOunce of Salt Half around 7 stone Floating Diamond Ring: .25 carats each stone.

floating diamond ring 30 carat brilliant round diamonds
Ounce of Salt Floating ring 7 stones .30 each stone

There are hundreds of ways to make a brilliant round diamond eternity band, but this is currently my favorite, and it’s also my design. If you’re in the market for a diamond eternity ring, make sure to do your research on the different styles available and what suits your tastes before making a decision. As always, I’d love to help you design the perfect piece to wear for a lifetime.

No Shade. Only Sparkle. Ounce of Salt Jewelry by Jen Oliak.


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