What’s the difference between the various types of gold jewelry?

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Gold jewelry can be misleading with their titles. Types of gold referenced in jewelry are solid gold, gold filled, vermeil gold, gold plated… gold overlay! Confusing, right? I think so!Continue Reading →

How to Clean Diamonds Quickly and Easily!

How to Clean Diamonds

Ok guys, if you’re a regular reader or follower on one of my social media channels, you know I come from a family of jewelers. I also have an online jewelry shop of gorgeous 14k gold and diamond necklaces. Keep your jewelry gorgeous by following my tips for how to clean diamonds.Continue Reading →

I Paid Double What You’ll Pay For Fine Jewelry


I paid double what you’ll pay if you shop at Ounce of Salt Jewelry.  Let me show you some examples of my past purchases of fine jewelry where I paid full retail.  Continue Reading →