The Brand

Salt:  “that which gives liveliness, freshness, or piquancy to a person’s character, life, etc.”  Oxford English Dictionary

Thinking about purchasing jewelry? It’s hard to know where to buy and who to trust.

You’ve come to the right place. I offer timeless, quality jewelry at great values with the chic, sophisticated woman in mind.

My lifestyle blog, Ounce of Salt, shares ideas to help women live their best lives. Mindset, running, trying to raise good kids, easy recipes and sparkling jewelry are some things I like to talk about. You’ll also find me raising money and traveling for charity projects that touch my heart.

Coming from a long line of jewelers, it’s been a passion of mine my whole life. My mom tells me I’m obsessed with diamonds because she was in gemology school while pregnant with me!

Over the years, I’ve formed relationships with wholesale vendors in the Los Angeles jewelry district from whom I purchased my own collection of fine jewelry as a retail customer.

Jewelry is an investment. It is timeless and can be passed down. Your pieces are extensions of you which will shine forever.

The jewelry industry is lagging in technology and online purchasing efficiency. It’s a world filled with artisans and small businesses trying to hold their stakes. Online, the market is saturated with nationwide retail jewelers and luxury brands who sell items at highly marked-up pricing. You’re smarter than that.

I am presenting a new way to shop for jewelry. For my collection, I hand-select beautiful pieces I myself would want to own. Some are from around the world, some are made locally in town. For all the pieces, I receive the same wholesale rates the vendors give to jewelry retailers. 

Without the overhead related to having retail stores, I’m able to pass the savings on to you. So imagine, with all the differing styles and quality out there, having someone you trust to filter out the noise and narrow down your choices to the best selection of jewelry at the most competitive prices. That’s me! I’ve done the work for you.

I’m excited to offer you free shipping, gift wrapping, and free 30-day returns. You can shop with confidence that through Ounce of Salt, you’ll receive exquisite, quality pieces to last a lifetime. 

Trust. Style. Value. Flavor your life with an Ounce of Salt.